Monday, September 19, 2011


We are a small (as for today there are only 2 of us) Ukrainian CTF team which consists of stubborn and arrogant open-minded and humorous guys. Truly speaking, our team is too small to play well on many CTFs, but we are trying hard. Long time we were successfully (and, of course, sometimes not so successfully) playing for various CTFs as single persons and under various names. At some moment we decided to do it as a team.

BTF is Back to the Future Big Tits Fans, CTF is Capture the Flag. What the fuck is WTF?

If you are interested to became a member of our team, please drop us email. If you are a damn looking good girl who likes to play CTFs we pray you to contact us. If you are a damn looking good girl with high IQ big tits who knows nothing about CTFs we are eager to teach you for FREE.